Jungle Race Sport

Here you can find the routes to play in Jungle Race Sport.

Public routes to play

NamePoints  Distance  
Helsingin Kaivopuisto134117 m  preview
Joensuu Areena144302 m  preview
Jyvskyln Harju154907 m  preview
Kajaani, Huuhkajanvaara123931 m  preview
Kajaani, Lehtikangas153987 m  preview
Kajaani, Pllyvaara124896 m  preview
Kajaani, Syvkangas124141 m  preview
Kajaani, Variskangas154827 m  preview
Kajaani, Variskangas-sprintti133037 m  preview
Kajaanin keskusta144012 m  preview
Kajaanin vesitorni143140 m  preview
Kokkola134856 m  preview
Kuopion Tuomiokirkko123526 m  preview
Lahden Urheilukeskus134004 m  preview
Lappeenranta144256 m  preview
Mikkeli134488 m  preview
Oulun tori174583 m  preview
Pori Kirjurinluoto124047 m  preview
Pyynikki102868 m  preview
Rovaniemi Arktikum143994 m  preview
Seinjoki144811 m  preview
Tampere113387 m  preview
Turun urheilupuisto134506 m  preview
Vaasa tour144142 m  preview

Note that distance is the shortest possible distance, real distance is always longer.

Jungle Race Cross routes you can find here.